Canon 5D MK III
& Canon 750D
Multiple DSLR Lenses
Manfrotto Professional Video Tripod 
HD Projector & Screen
Camera Slider
Macbook Pro & Lenovo Editing Stations
Microphone & Boom
Adobe Suite & Final Cut Pro

Video Production

KameleonUK provides in house video and sound production, post production and presentation services. Our production team can cover every aspect of your production, we specialise in event coverage, promotional videos and product reviews.


In the last year we invested in new video, sound and editing equipment. Wherever in the world you need us to be, and for however many people, our team can provide you with a tailored service that delivers the messages you want in a way that’s right for your organisation and right for your budget.

Post Production


We will edit all footage using industry leading software i.e. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Software. Colour grading and additional post production tasks can also be carried out. In addition we can also produce a DVD of all recorded footage allowing you to edit your own event video or host content on the cloud. 



We can provide all media planning and management of the events, including supplying all Audio and Visual equipment. For every event we provide onsite support for we carry a basic level of A/V, this includes:- HD 760 projector, External speakers, iPads, Lenovo Z50 1080p laptop (or Apple Mac equivalent)  and Temporary projector screen.


More advanced set-ups we can supply your event with:- HD production level DV cameras, Radio Mic's and sound / field recorder / Lighting Dollies, Booms and a team to make it all happen, please contact us for more info.


KameleonUK primarily operates in UK, UAE and the US, with generally events of over 10 persons, however any event in any country can be catered for however many places you need. We can also run all your media at live events from cueing music to visual displays.