Providing you with sustainable management for your corporate events, we liaise with you and your client to ensure the experience your delegates receive is the best it can be. We are on your side from the initial concept through to pre event logistics, set-up, live event, break-down and delegate follow-up.


Our event team can manage every aspect of your corporate event, or just those aspects you want us to, and whatever we do, we do it meticulously, with expertise, creativity and enthusiasm, supported by technology that evaluates every piece of data connected with your event.


Wherever in the world you need your event to be, and for however many people, our corporate event management team can provide you with a tailored event solution that delivers the messages you want in a way that’s right for your organisation and right for your budget.


We never forget that the most important element of any event is the people who experience it; flawless execution underpins our event management team’s ethos.


Silent Running


Our aim is to provide you with seamless event running, we can achieve this with Silent running: all event team members wear black training shoes, which ensures that we can move around in the background, silently, meaning your participants are focused on your programme and not us



Our team will arrive onsite with everything we need to run your corporate event, this includes:- Pre made custom name badges Lanyard or Pin Admin accessories - White tack, Sticky notes, Stickers, Various clips, Scissors, Paper cutter, Markers, Pens Clicker HD 760 projector External speakers Ipad mini Lenovo Z50 1080p laptop Temporary projector screen Charge monkey Batteries


When onsite, we want your participants and your faculty to be fully focused, to aid in this we offer to assist any of your faculty / participants with travel arrangements, hotels or anything else we can help with.




24/7 Full Service in House

Strategic Planning and Quality Control
Health and Safety Brief / Risk Assesment
Event Venue Finding Service and Contract Checking
Group Accommodation Sourcing
Coordination of Multiple Suppliers 
Dedicated Project Team
Budget Management
Clear Processes & Documentation - Giving You Clarity On Our Event Management Service

Delegate Management Solutions


With our delegate management solutions, we can take care of every aspect of your delegates’ experience; how they hear about and register for your event, what they need to prep for before they arrive, how they get there, where they stay, how your message is delivered, and how they hear from you afterwards.


Key Benefits: Starting with the initial e-invitation, we can generate pre, during and post-event communication, including destination and venue details, frequently asked questions, visa advice (if appropriate), accommodation, travel logistics and any special requests


Our delegate management takes care of the detail, ensuring that every eventuality is covered – however unpredictable – leaving you free to concentrate on the bigger picture.


Delegates have access to our event management team via an event email address should they have any questions or require further assistance


Delegates can register to attend, pay any attendance fees required, request hotel accommodation and airport connections. We can capture exactly the data you require; together with your delegates’ unique requests and emergency contact details. Registration reports can be set up, giving you instant access to registration reports that dovetail with your existing systems.